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Amped Fitness Announces Franchise Opportunity Across the US

Amped Fitness, St. Petersburg, FL, May 2023 – Amped Fitness, the locally owned and rapidly expanding fitness center, has taken the industry by storm and is now officially franchising. Amped Fitness has been growing locally since 2016, when owners Travis Labazzo and Stephen Thomas opened their first club in St. Petersburg, FL. Since then, Amped Fitness has expanded to 17 corporate-owned clubs, racking up over 70,000 members while maintaining a year-over-year average growth of 115%. With their unique business model, high-energy culture, and custom-designed facilities, Amped Fitness has truly created the new generation of fitness.


Amped Fitness has taken the standard High-Value-Low-Price (HVLP) model and flipped it on its head. Sitting in an all-new category of their own, the Experience-Design-Low-Price (EDLP) concept incorporates an unmatched customer experience, world-class amenities, ultimate aesthetics, and some of the lowest prices in the industry, thus revolutionizing the world of fitness one gym at a time.


So why Amped Fitness? Why now? 


“We KNOW we’ve created something different, something that we’re ready to bring to the masses.”


With a tried and tested business model, innovative marketing strategy, and systematized processes, Amped Fitness has simplified and guaranteed the growth potential for future Amped Fitness franchisees. While the vast majority of fitness clubs are raising membership costs with little value added to justify the increase, Amped Fitness is staying true to their HVLP-based model. There’s no longer a need to sacrifice unique, high-end amenities for a low price tag. The company’s unique business model combines all the benefits of a boutique-style fitness studio, while keeping membership costs undeniably affordable.


As they continue to scale, one of Amped Fitness’ top priorities will be to instill the importance of their iconic culture into their franchise owner network. From the beginning, Amped Fitness has created a team that is passionate not only about fitness, but also about community, integrity, and mental strength.


Amped Fitness has single handedly built a culture where victim mindsets have no place, and is now hunting for potential franchise owners that are cut from the same cloth. The culture that they’ve built doesn’t stop at the staff & franchise owner network, it’s reflected in clubs nationwide and in their loyal member base who reflect the same values. There’s truly No Better Time, No Better Brand.


“We aren’t stopping until we reach the top, join us on our way up!”


For more information or to submit your enquiry on this franchise, you can visit their website at ampedfitness.com/franchise-opportunity.


LINK: https://clubsolutionsmagazine.com/2023/06/franchising-opportunities-at-amped-fitness/

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