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Emerging VS Stagnant Brands – The “Tea” Behind Our Growth Trajectory

With the announcements of six new clubs in 6 months, it’s obvious that Amped Fitness is on a growth trajectory second to NONE. 🎉

Similar to it’s newest locations, Amped Fitness–as a brand–may seem fun, shiny and new. But it’s also stable, established, and growing at an impressive rate of 115% year over year. Let’s talk about it.

Emerging brands can get a bad wrap, it’s easy to assume that if your brand hasn’t been around since the stone ages, you aren’t a real player in the franchise game. But we’ve been growing STEADY since 2016, and we’ve got the numbers to back it up.👇

Racking up OVER 70,000 members in just 7 years, Amped Fitness® is running in stride with some of the biggest names in the industry with 20 open doors by the end of 2023. If you didn’t catch it the first time…that means we announced 6 new corporate-owned locations in the last 6 months.

Let’s get real—the fitness industry is like a wild race. If you snooze, you lose. Stagnant brands risk losing relevance in an over-saturated industry. With the lack of innovation and energy needed to keep up with the ever-evolving fitness landscape, even some of the biggest names in fitness can fall behind.

But not here. 😎 Amped Fitness isn’t about snoozing—If you know Amped Fitness, you know it’s full-throttle ALWAYS. It’s high-energy, it’s drive, it’s PASSION for the industry. And that’s what sets us apart. If you aren’t growing, you’re staying the same, and that will get you exactly…no where.

So why settle for a brand that’s buying time at best—choose a brand that’s surging forward and creating an all-NEW generation of fitness. Choose #TEAMAMPED!

Don’t think back and wish you joined us on the way to the top. Build your legacy TODAY at ampedfitness.com/franchise-opportunity.

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