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Amped Fitness® Signature in West Palm Beach Preserves the Addison Mizner Legacy

Amped Fitness® Signature | West Palm Beach, FL, 4/17/2024 | Addison Mizner, Florida’s leading architect in the 1920s, is the cornerstone of South Florida design. Between 1918 and 1925, Mizner designed more than 50 Palm Beach villas and Florida mansions for some of the nation’s leading social families, and even went on to design the famous Everglades Club in Palm Beach, the Boca Raton Resort, Via Mizner and Via Perigi historic sites, as well as the lavish Ritz Carlton Cloisters Hotel Resort, a premier destination for the rich and famous.

Addison Mizner, with no formal architectural schooling, defined South Florida’s architectural legacy, all whilst creating his very own architectural style known as Mizner Mediterranean Revival that is the perfect combination of Spanish and Mediterranean Revival style. With rich designs and contemporary structures, Mizner’s style continues to shape the image of Palm Beach, leaving a lasting impact on the community whose buildings were previously simple versions of pastel structures like the ones found in northern states and municipalities.

Like Addison Mizner, Amped Fitness® Signature is not one to fit the mold. Amped Fitness® has created a never-before-seen luxury fitness oasis in West Palm Beach rooted in history as a way to preserve Mizner’s legacy.

Addison Mizner’s signature architectural style has been the inspiration for the posh design that can be found within the walls of Amped Fitness® Signature, with materials that are used in ways that makes the fitness club extravagant, while offering its members the possibility of instant pedigree.

Amped Fitness® has used a holistic approach to its project from the design layout to the statues and objects you can find within, something that pulls directly from the importance Addison Mizner places in interior building design.

With intricate trims and embellishments, and one-of-a-kind Mediterranean design elements, Amped Fitness® hasn’t missed a beat in recreating the popular South Florida architectural style.

Created with the Palm Beach community in mind, where luxury and elegance combine to fit the needs of the predominant demographic, it is clear that Addison Mizner continues to have a significant impact in South Florida as seen through Amped Fitness® Signature in West Palm Beach.

Coming this Spring, with its Grand Unveiling set on April 29th, Palm Beach residents have a chance to elevate their fitness standards and commemorate the legacy as a Preferred Member.

Visit www.ampedfitness.com/signature-club to learn more.

Media Contact: westpalm@ampedfitness.com

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