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Adapting to Industry Trends

We read THIS article and just had to share…

“Open floor plans, recovery services and digital content are must-haves for gyms and other fitness facilities looking to win in 2024 and beyond.” (AthletechNews)

Open Floorpan? Check.

Recovery Zone? Check.

Content-Approved Lighting and Aesthetics? CHCHCHCHECK!

Open Floor Plan: We’ve recently done a 180′ shift in our new gyms, taking out some of our less-utilized space and replacing it with a wide open functional space! The World is Yours in this functional space! We like to call this the Functional Freedom Zone. It’s been a fan favorite since we opened and it’s open to ALL members, VIP or Basic! With its spacious, wide open layout, it’s been stocked with unique machines, a functional jungle gym & specifically designed for members to do WHATEVER THEY WANT.

Squats? Sure! We’ve got racks on racks on racks. Calisthenics? Why not! We’ve got the space. With kettlebells up to 150 lbs, holographic barbells, sandbags, medicine balls and more, this functional space is one of our top-utilized perks.

Functional Freedom Zone

Recovery Zone: At Amped we train hard, and recover harder. Our Recovery Zone includes top-of-the-line recovery equipment, FREE for our VIP members. Equipment ranges from massage guns, Hydromassage Beds, CryroLounge beds, body composition scanners, Normatec Boots and more. Recovery is IMPORTANT. Take the extra time now so you can recover faster, improve your training, and maximize your performance in the long run.

Content-Friendly Spaces: Step inside our doors, and you’ll be immediately greeted by the unique atmosphere we’ve worked SO hard to create. We’ve gone beyond the standard gym aesthetics and embraced a moody ambiance that sets the stage for your most intense and invigorating workouts that also results in 10/10 content! Our space is equipped with blue LED lighting, casting vibrant hues that enhance your energy, focus, AND your physique (it’s true, ask any of our members).

Green with Athletech says: “Getting people together, not necessarily training together in the same class per se, but training amongst each other, creating that collective energy … but also a sense of purpose and reason….it presents an opportunity for gyms to create engaging spaces for their members to interact with personal trainers and other gym goers, mimicking some of the community aspects commonly found in boutique fitness settings.

This is where we come in. 😎

Community is EVERYTHING! We’re so proud of the culture we’ve created here at Amped Fitness, one unique to us; that thrives on encouragement, community, and leaving ego at the door. No matter which location you step into, you’ll not only see, but FEEL the difference in energy. We built our gyms to encourage our members to meet other gym-goers, and to EMPOWER one another on their fitness journey. 

We’ve carefully hand-selected our team to be made up of only high-energy, passionate, and culture-driven individuals and it’s reflected in our club atmosphere (soon-to-be) nationwide!

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