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Amped Fitness V.S. 2024 Predicted Industry Trends

Have you read this article from FitnessProject.us about the predicted fitness trends in 2024?

It’s…interesting. We’re excited to see what 2024 brings the fitness industry, but for us, we’re especially looking forward to for the community and hybrid-workout aspects mentioned here. But they had a LOT of really great predictions for the new year.

So how does Amped Fitness® match up to these predictions?

We’re so glad you asked.


We’ve been saying this for years! Hitting a plateau after plateau? Stop putting all your eggs in one basket with your workouts! To combat this, we re-introduced AX3 Group Training earlier this year so VIP’s get access to FREE classes to switch up their workouts. These can incorporate spin, core, HIIT, and strength to make sure you’re hitting ALL your targeted muscle groups & more! But we didn’t stop there. We also added Yoga, Zumba, and Virtual FitnessOnDemand classes so you’re NEVER without hybrid-training options here.


Helllloooo Amped Flow! Our Yoga classes incorporate deep breathing and meditation exercises with mind-body connection so that you can work on mental, spiritual, AND physical balance. These classes are FREE to VIP members and are quickly becoming a member-favorite perk.


Our nationally-certified personal trainers are hand-selected among the BEST in the industry. With multiple methods and packages of personal training offered, it has quickly become one of the best value propositions we offer. Our training program is tailored exclusively to the clients schedule, goals, and includes more than just workouts. With the help of a user-friendly Amped Fitness app, trainers can communicate with clients with ease, allowing them to give expert nutrition advice, update programs, track progress, and streamline check-ins. 


At Amped we train hard, and recover harder. Our Recovery Zone includes top-of-the-line recovery equipment, FREE for our VIP members. Equipment ranges from massage guns, Hydromassage Beds, CryroLounge beds, body composition scanners, and an industry-favorite: Normatec Boots. Recovery is IMPORTANT. Take the extra time now so you can recover faster, improve your training, and maximize your performance in the long run.


Not everyone has time to spend 3 hours at the gym, we GET THAT. That’s why we’re open 24/7 to all members so whenever they have time to get a quick workout in, they’ve got easy access to one of the best gyms in the game (Amped, of course). Plus, we recognize that a long workout doesn’t always equal a GOOD workout. That’s why our personal training sessions are only 30 minutes long, and they are KILLER. 


Health goes so much further BEYOND the 6 pack, and the 5 minute mile. It’s about internal wellness, recovery, and the overall health of your body. That’s why we made it a priority to offer Hydromassage, Compression, and Cryotherapy in almost all of our clubs. To take it one step even further, we also offer personalized body composition scans that really get into the nitty gritty about what’s going on INSIDE your body.


This is a new one for us, and we’re LOVING IT. We JUST introduced our new zone, the FUNCTIONAL FREEDOM ZONE. Where fitness meets creativity. The World is Yours in this functional space, and it’s open to EVERYONE, VIP or Basic! With its wide open layout, it’s been stocked with unique machines, a functional jungle gym, HUGE turf space & specifically designed for you to do WHATEVER YOU WANT. Squats? Sure! Calisthenics? Why not! With kettlebells up to 150 lbs, holographic barbells, and the blue light aesthetic you know and love, this functional space is one of our top-utilized perks.


And ending with one of the core essentials to our gym. From the beginning, community has been at the FOREFRONT of our business model, and that’s something we’ll never stray from. Whether it’s a high-five after a PR, or a heart-to-heart at the front desk after a 6 month mental health gym hiatus, we’ve got your back.

We’re so proud of the culture we’ve created here at Amped Fitness, one unique to us; that thrives on encouragement, community, and leaving ego at the door. No matter which location you step into, you’ll not only see but FEEL the difference in energy. We’ve carefully hand-selected our team to be made up of only high-energy, passionate, and culture-driven individuals and it’s reflected in our club atmosphere (soon-to-be) nationwide!

Check out the article here, and let us know what you think!

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